This is a list of the individuals, organizations, corporations, rescues and shelters that have supported the Knox-Whitley Animals Shelter.  This list is a work in progress and was started as of our fire on 11/29/13.  Our intention is to show our appreciation.  If there is any organization or individual not included on the list, PLEASE email us so we can add that organization to this list as the omission is truly a gap in knowledge on the part of the person creating this list.


We first want to thank the hundreds of individuals who cared so much about our animals and our fire that you took meaningful action to help us.  To each of you who took it upon yourselves to donated to our Paypal account, drop off supplies, make a purchase from our wish list, send a check to our bank, we can’t thank you enough.   Each of you is an angel because your contribution means so much to us, no matter how small or how big.  You cared enough to do something and for that, we can never thank you enough.

We would like you to meet a very special young lady named Lily. She traveled down to KWAS from Lexington, KY to visit our animals and bring them some blankets she had made. Lily want to be a veterinarian and loves all animals. Big thank you to her and her family for sharing her love for the animals.

A huge thank you to Erin Hopkins, who heard about our fire the night it happened, could not sleep, so got up and created an Indigogo crowd funding account in the name of the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter.  Through her selfless act, Erin raised over $3,600, all of which will benefit our animals and our shelter rebuild.  Erin has a huge heart, full of love and caring.

A heartfelt thank you to Jessica Dennis-Bay, for raising $1000 to benefit our shelter recovery effort! Jessica, a Whitley County High School junior, organized a “Blessing of the Animals” charity event at the First United Methodist Church in Williamsburg. The event was attended by 50 people and 20 dogs and cats. Associate Lay Pastor Joseph Moses blessed each animal individually. Marty Wilson from Refuge Ridge also helped organize the event.

We thank Anastasia and her Arts and Crafts for Charity.  Anastasia is a 9 year old girl who makes jewelery and sells it to benefit rescues and animals shelters.  Anastasia has a passion for animals and helping them.  We are grateful for her gentle spirit and kindness.

A very big thank you to Mr. Ralph Rogers of Corbin, KY, for allowing us to rent at a reduced rate his A&J Lawn Mower warehouse as our new temporary shelter.

David Ogden made a very generous donation to KWAS by providing the Internet domain at a significantly reduced price.  We appreciate his kindness and understanding of our situation and know he made this donation out of the goodness of his heart.

Timm Martin of Tiwebb Web Publishing created this website for the Knox-Whitley Animals Shelter.  He donated over 60 hours of his time and highly technical talents to making it a quality website that is easy to navigate and keep updated in the future.

Thank you Renee Byrd for showing the dedication and love that everyone has for the animals at Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter by creating a video of the shelter.

Thank you Norma Lee Rogers, for adding a link on the home page of your Red Eye Radio Station for your listeners to sponsor the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter. I know it took a good bit of work for you to get this done so we appreciate your caring and tenacity.

Thank you Robin Grippa, 2013 National Classy Ms. Sweetheart and Rosa Grippa, 2013 National Junior Miss Sweetheart.  These beautiful ladies heard about our shelter burning and decided to have a fundraiser to help us rebuild. With the help of our dear friends at Pure American Pageants, as well as friends, neighbors and coworkers, and in cooperation with my daughter’s pageant platform, The Puppy Pantry, they raised $230 for the shelter.  They wrote “We hope that this small token will help you to continue your mission to protect and serve our furry friends and be the voice for those who have no voice. Much love and God’s blessings to you all.”

Shelters and Rescue Groups

Lexington Humane Society has been supporting KWAS for many years.  They are our sister shelter, transporting hundreds of animals to their Lexington shelter where these animals are later adopted into the community. LHS was instrumental in supporting our fire survivor animals, by sheltering them and providing life-saving medical treatments, and placing them up for adoption.  LHS has truly saved the lives of many KWAS animals over the years and immediately came to our aid after the fire.

Wagging Hearts has been a partner for the past 2 years, transporting 100’s of dogs to foster homes in the Chicago and Wisconsin areas.  Approximately twice a month, Linda Stancato has driven down from Chicago to KWAS to transport dogs and cats back to Chicago where they will be fostered, then adopted.  Since the shelter fire, she has been coming down once a week.  Her organization has also regularly sponsored medical procedures for animals in need. Rescues like Wagging Hearts help KWAS dramatically reduce the number of animals that must be euthanized due to overcrowding at the shelter.  Wagging Hearts truly saves the lives of every animal they rescue.

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has provided special relief funding for our fire recovery efforts.  This funding will be invaluable in helping us rebuild our shelter in the future.

The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has provided special relief funding for our fire recovery efforts.  This funding will be invaluable in helping us rebuild our shelter in the future.

The United Pet Fund in Cincinnati, Ohio heard about our fire disaster so they proactively sent us a generous donation. They told us that “our main focus is to serve the Greater-Cincinnati area, but we felt that you needed the extra assistance and support during this devastating tragedy at the Christmas season.” We can’t say thank United Pet Fund enough for reaching out to us in this time of need.

Hope for Animals Rescue Team (HART) has found foster homes and adopted out many, many KWAS animals. They have donated supplies and money towards our relief effort and taken many security shifts at the burned location. HART volunteers have performed countless transports, moving animals all over the Midwest to other shelters and rescues where they will have a greater chance of being adopted. Through HART’s efforts, they have saved 100’s of lives. Thank you, HART, your name says it all.

Mobile Mutts Rescue Transports has transported many KWAS animals to other rescues and foster homes over the years.   Without their volunteer-supported transportation service, many animals could never get to safe haven with rescues across the U.S, such as Secondhand Hounds and Heading Home K9 Rescue.

Homeward Bound Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation has supported KWAS for many years by placing dogs in loving foster and permanent homes.  Recently, they provided a large number of supplies and donations to support us during the fire and subsequent recovery.

Fur Ever Friends of Corbin, Kentucky continues to support KWAS by fostering dogs and cats until they can be adopted.  They also have been instrumental in raising money through tax deductible donations to help KWAS animals in need of emergency vet care.  In addition, Fur Ever Friends has also sponsored many spay and neuter operations which is the key to stopping the cycle of unwanted and homeless animals.

Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter and Homeless Animal Rescue Team of IL (HART) continue to rescue animals from KWAS  by bringing these animals into their adoption and foster programs.  They also have sent donations of supplies and money to KWAS to support our fire recovery efforts.

Daviess County Shelter and the Ohio County Shelter, as well as BRAWA (Barren River Animal Welfare Association) accepted a large number of donations of money and supplies on behalf of the KWAS during our fire recovery period. We appreciate it very much and all proceeds will directly benefit the animals and shelter rebuild.

Blankets and Bowls made a generous donation of supplies to the shelter.  Many of the donated items were hand crafted with love, providing comfort for our shelter animals.  Thank you for caring so deeply for our unwanted and abandoned animals.


KWAS is grateful to the fearless firefighters from the Goldbug Volunteer Fire Department, Rockholds Volunteer Fire Departments, Woodbine Volunteer Fire Department, Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department, West Knox Fire Department and the Whitley County Sheriff Department. If it weren’t for these brave men and women, kicking down doors and putting out the flames, NONE of our animals would have survived the fire of 11/29/13. Thank you very much.

Thanks to Mike Cassidy in Jessamine County and Laurel County, KWAS received disaster and emergency animal shelters at our burned shelter location.  This allowed KWAS to begin taking in strays after the fire from the 4 counties we serve: Knox, Whitley, Mccreary and Clay.


PetSmart is a big corporation with an equally big heart. PetSmart Charities has been a partner for years and now, they are helping us through grants and supplies. They donated enough crates, kitty litter, dog and cat food and even toys help us support 50 animals in our temporary shelter. We are eternally grateful!  In addition, the Richmond KY PetSmart has supported KWAS for years, through donations of supplies, fund raisers and sponsoring our mobile adoptions.

Petsense in London, Kentucky has been a partner in getting 100’s of cats adopted over the years.  Petsense is the primary rescuer of KWAS cats and has saved many, many lives while providing a loving companion to many families in the region.

Tractor Supply has been a supporter of KWAS for many years.  The Williamsburg location continues to allow us to hold mobile adoptions at their store and has made many donations to the shelter of supplies and food.  We are grateful to have you as our partner.

Petfinder continues to provide grant money to KWAS and has provided special relief funding for our fire recovery efforts.  The site also hosts our dogs and cats that are available for adoption.  We are grateful for the services and support this organization provides.

Dr. Tammy Smith with the Knox County Veterinary Services, Inc. collected $1,500 in money and supplies, all of which will benefit the shelter and the future animals we will help. Thank you to everyone who donated at her vet clinic in Barbourville. Also, thank you Tammy, for your caring for our fire survivors and our animals throughout the years.

Smokey Bear’s BBQ in Corbin, Kentucky donated 100% of their dog bone sales to KWAS! They have the best BBQ in town and my dogs LOVE their bones.

Tom Becker, a broker at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, sent us a wonderful set of office furniture and other supplies from Chicago to help us start getting set back up at our temporary site.

Workout Anytime Lexington is donating a percentage of all memberships to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter for the month of December. It’s a win/win. By joining and going there to exercise, you will be helping your body stay healthy, while helping us care for animals in need. Thank you, Workout Anytime!

The staff and volunteers at Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter want to thank Minute Man Press in London, KY and Lowe’s Sporting Goods in Corbin for donating t-shirts that commemorate dear Sassy and our shelter rebuild.

Leslie Edwards of Platinum on Main Hair Salon in Corbin, Kentucky donated a portion of her proceeds to help with our shelter rebuild.  We appreciate it very much.

Brahma Pet Hemp Designs donated all proceeds from the month of December to KWAS.  This was a very generous act and we appreciate it very much.

Misty M. Rose Patterson held several fundraisers to benefit KWAS, selling perfumes, crafts and jewelery items.

Jennifer Pallito-Fresso held a fundraiser to benefit KWAS and used the proceeds to purchase pet products off our wish list.

Shanna Bragg Collins held several fundraisers to benefit KWAS, selling perfumes, candles, crafts and jewelery items.

IncrediPet collected donations of supplies for the shelter to help us restock so we could support the future animals that come in to our temporary shelter.