Foster an Animal

Fostering truly saves lives!  Becoming a foster family is one of the most selfless and most appreciated ways a person can contribute to saving the life of an animal.  KWAS takes in far more animals every month then we can adopt out, transfer to rescues or to other shelters.  Due to overcrowding, perfectly beautiful animals that have been at the shelter a very long time are at risk.  Foster families literally save a life because they give these animals more time to be adopted or rescued.

We ask each of our foster families to be prepared to provide the following to their foster animal:

  • love and attention
  • food and supplies such as litter, crates, toys, leashes
  • basic care (food, water, and a safe place to stay) for the animal until it is adopted
  • transportation to veterinary appointments for its spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, etc.
  • bring your foster animal to the shelter so the animal can go to mobile adoption events
  • bring the foster animal to the shelter to be viewed by families interested in adopting the animal

In the event that the animal requires medical attention, we request that foster families contact the shelter first, prior to taking the animal to a veterinarian.  If the foster family opts to take the animal to a veterinarian instead of contacting the shelter, the foster family will need to accept responsibility for the veterinary bills.

It is not uncommon for foster families to chose to adopt their foster animal. This is a very happy event.  Yet, because the animal is a ward of the shelter until it is officially adopted, it is very important that the animal be brought into the shelter at least once by the foster family so we can verify that it is in good health and that the animal has been spayed or neutered.  In addition, this allows us to work with the foster family to complete the paperwork so that we have the adoption on record.  This process is not to make the foster to adoption process more difficult, but to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals what we serve.

If you’re interested in becoming a foster family, please contact the shelter.