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We now post our adoption pictures on our very active Facebook page, so please visit us and “like” us on Facebook at Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter.  However, here are some of our older pictures of our animals and their new  forever families.  This is still why we do what we do.  Each of these animals have touched our hearts and souls.  Each is happily in a forever home, where they are loved and cared for.  If you have adopted a dog or cat from us, please feel free to post it on our Facebook page!

We were just about to load Wesley, a yellow lab/pyranese mix, into the van to go back to the shelter when Billie called out the window of her truck, “He’s beautiful but too skinny. Is he for adoption?” She called her son Ryan over and together, they decided Wesley would be a great dog for them. They have a big farm, complete with cows! Whew hew for Wesley! He’s going to roam a farm and look after the cows! Thank you, Billie for stopping to ask about Wesley and Ryan for seeing the goodness in this big, handsome dog. As they walked away, Billie said to Ryan, “We’ll need to fatten him up a bit.” and I could have sworn I heard the dog Wesley say, “Cows AND lots of food? Am I dreaming?!!!”
Tracy was in town for an archery tournament that her son was participating in. She is from out of town so hesitated when she saw Heidi, a little jack russel/chi mix. After spending time with Heidi, she couldn’t leave her behind and decided to adopt. “She can walk around the tournament with me and get loads of petting!” Heidi had been at the shelter awhile. But it warms our hearts knowing that today, Heidi is at the tournament greeting everyone, wagging her tail, getting loads of petting!
We had just pulled up in the van when Elizabeth and her children Emily, Eric and Ethan wanted to see the dogs we had brought. They spotted cute little blue-eyed Alex, a 10 week old lab / husky puppy and that was it! Ethan was having a birthday and this little puppy Alex was the perfect forever present! Happy Birthday, Ethan! May you and Alex grow up strong and be together always!
James was adopted yesterday! A wonderful family came into the shelter early Saturday morning as we were loading up James and 9 other dogs to take them on a mobile adoption. The family saw James and heard his story and instantly fell for him. James went home with them to live on a big farm far off any roads, where he can run and play. A family of his own and a farm of his own… doggy heaven!
Does Trey’s smile say it all? Trey and his parents, Liesha and Bill, fell in love with Sher’s sweet puppy self. Sher is a shepherd / beagle puppy, about 4 months old. She’s playful and then collapses for a long nap! Trey could not WAIT for the moment when he could walk away with Sher and put her in the car to take her home to be his forever dog and companion.
Victor and his 2 children, Jack and Megan, hung out with Sissy (renamed Dixie, a Cairn terrier mix) for a good part of the day, getting to know her and in the mean time, socializing several of the other dogs for adoption too. The family loved Dixie’s personality, her positive energy, how she ran up and down the sidewalk with the children, greeting every stranger as if they were Dixie’s long lost friends. Megan held tight to Dixie’s leash, making sure no one else had a chance to adopt Dixie! Dogs and children… they belong together and Dixie belongs with Megan and Jack!
Jennifer saw Nitro (renamed Niko by Jennifer) on Facebook. She got off work earlier in the morning and waited around Big Lots just to meet Niko. Jennifer somehow knew Niko, a shepherd / boxer mix, was the boy for her. We started to unload the dogs from the van and Jennifer waited patiently. Then, she took one look at him, held him and said “Yup, he’s the one. I’d like to adopt him.” Later, she posted on our FB page that Niko is doing great and that she’s totally in love with him! Many years of happiness to you, Jennifer and thank you for adopting from KWAS!
Belladora, a beautiful husky mix with bright blue eyes, had many lookers all day long but surprisingly, no one adopted her. Bella was in the KWAS van ready to go back to the shelter when Heather and her daughter Lila spotted her. We got Bella out so Heather could meet her. Heather had been wanting to adopt a dog and she really liked Bella’s size, her calm personality and of course, her beauty, both inside and out.
Carl, Joanna and their son, Carl fell for little Connor’s very shy but sweet personality. Connor, a border collie mix, really warmed up to them as they spent time with him, visibly coming out of his shell due to their gentle, caring attention. Connor could tell these were good people who would do right by him all the days of his life.
Summer saw Rickett, a shepherd mix, and wanted to adopt him but he was already being looked at by another family who was considering adopting him. Summer said “I think he belongs with me” so she waited patiently. The other family decided to not adopt him so Summer snatched up his leash and said, “Yup, he’s mine. Can I adopt him please?” She hugged and kissed him and soon after that, off they went, happy and together forever.
Betty, a mountain curr, had also been at the shelter awhile. She’s lively, alert and loves to play. Brett saw her and left to go bring his girlfriend Arial, to meet Betty. Arial fell for her, knowing Betty would be the perfect addition to her farm and family. Betty will now be able to do exactly what she was born to do,run and play, scare off predators as she “works” the farm. No situation could be more perfect for Betty than being with Arial and Brett.
Maggie, a curr / jack russell mix, had been in the shelter awhile. She hated being in her cage and wanted a home very badly. Julie and her children and their friends, Jessica, Keira, Chris and Aiden, fell for Maggie’s happy energy and loving personality. A dog like Maggie can never get too much love, as this photo shows!
Patricia and Daniel wanted a house dog to spend time with them throughout the day. They saw Toto and thought he would be the perfect companion! He’s cute and scruffy and so much fun! They knew that Toto would be able to bring them years of laughter and joy.
Seth fell for Tonto the minute he laid eyes on him. He had to convince his father that Tonto was a good addition to their farm. His father, Robbie, thought Tonto would do well running their property and helping to guard his land and livestock. What could be better for a Catahuala Leopard dog like Tonto than to live with a family like this?
Geoffrey was smitten with Lucky, , a min pin mix immediately. But he spent time with her holding her and walking her. He was impressed with her sweet nature, how smart she was and quick to learn. He wanted a house dog and thought Lucky was perfect for his 2 boys. Won’t they be surprised and happy when Geoffrey brings home this little cutie!
Sherry and her son wanted to get a dog and as soon as they realized Delilah was a Jack Russel mix, they felt sure she was the dog for them. They had recently lost a Jack Russel to old age after having her for many years. When they saw Delilah, they could see that she was a dog that just needed some TLC and that she has a heart of gold and loads of love to give.
Mathew and his parents Rob and Jennifer, had lost their beagle of many years to an illness. They really wanted another dog and at first glance, didn’t think Duncan was a fit for them. But… Mathew saw something in Duncan. Mathew saw past his size and saw his gentle nature and his sweet disposition. The family fell in love with this sweet boy and after spending time walking him around the store and outside, decided that Duncan was in fact, the perfect dog for them.
Does this picture say it all? Goldy (the family already re-named her) is being loved on by 2 laughing children, Ashley and Zackary. Heather says she knew the second she saw Goldy that she was the dog for her family. Tim really liked how Goldy looks as a boxer mix so the family thought about it and decided to take Goldy home to be their second dog.
Michelle saw on FB that Herbie was going to be at Tractor Supply today. She was in love with him just from his picture and so she came out to meet him. And he didn’t disappoint. He was exactly as described, a sweet, puppy that is gentle and affectionate. He’s going to be a big boy because he’s a St. Bernard mix, which is perfect for Michelle and her family! Herbie is happily now in his forever home… sigh….
Clifford (bull mastiff) was adopted by Heather and her fiance. Heather has 2 small children and wanted a gentle giant to be their protector and family dog. Clifford is all that and more, patient, tolerant, alert. Such a great match for Heather’s family!
Matilda (terrier mix) was adopted by Evan, Tyler and Madison (and their mother Molly). Matilda was so spunky and funny that they knew she would bring laughter and love to these young children for years to come.
Flossy (shepherd collie mix) was adopted by Henry, Derhonda, Austin, Adrianna and Jacob. This beautiful family fell in love with Flossy’s gentle nature and beautiful fur!
Little Sara was adopted by Toni, Tyla, Steven and David. As we were packing up the KWAS van to head back to the shelter, this caring family asked to see what dogs we had for adoption.  They saw puppy Sara and said, “We’ve been looking for a puppy and she’s perfect for us!  We don’t want her going back to the shelter so she’s going to be our dog now!”
Little shy Kayla was adopted by Danny and Margaret. Kayla started the mobile adoption day not wanting to get out of her crate or interact with people.  By the end of the day, she had come out of her shell and was romping about!  Kayla will be the new sister to Danny and Margaret’s existing dog!
Nicole was adopted by Glen, Jacob and Amy. They were interested in getting a puppy and could not resist Nicole’s sleepy sweetness and her puppy playfulness!
Handsome, calm Raser was adopted by Teryn. Teryn has 3 young children so Raser will be a great dog to watch over them, love them and keep the family safe.  Raser will be very much loved in return.  A perfect match!
Austin2 Austin
Tiffany and Anthony loved Austin’s high energy and thought he would be a great dog to play with their existing 2 dogs.  They thought he was the perfect size too, just right!
Ben Ben
Richard Woods and his wife really liked Ben’s amazing personality and his HUGE paws!  Ben wallowed on the floor, played with his toys and was very gentle with their little girl. By the time they left the store, Richard wasn’t sure who’s dog Ben was, his or his daughter’s as he watched his tiny daughter leading Ben all around the store and Ben obeying her!
Bernadette Bernadette
Sherry’s boys Zack and Dustin fell in love with Bernadette.  They just could not leave the store without this sweet girl!  The boys were so excited when this family agreed that Bernadette was the dog for them!
Crystal Light Crystal Light
Brett had always wanted a dog for their growing family.  When he saw Crystal Light, he felt sure she was the right dog. His wife Mollie was familiar with the breed so they decided to adopt and take Crystal Light home to be part of their family.
Flash Flash
Hunter really wanted a beagle puppy but when he saw Flash, he decided a little older dog was maybe even better than a puppy.  When Hunter learned that puppies almost always get homes and sometimes older dogs don’t, he decided that saving a life was more important than having a puppy.  Good for you Hunter and you got a GREAT dog in Flash!
Sonya Sonya
Regina, Douglas, Tristan and Baby Dakota couldn’t resist the sweetness they saw in Sonya.  They took her home and not a few hours later, were back at Tractor Supply getting Sonya some things.  Regina told us “She’s already part of the family and we lover her already!”
Tippy Tippy
Misty, Kimberly, Kara and Colton saw little Tippy in his cage and heard him quietly whimpering as if to say “pick me, look how cute and sweet I am.” And so they did! Off Tippy went, to his new home with this loving, gentle family.
Kylie came to the shelter with her mother Tammy and with Bobby.  They were looking for a dog for Kylie and they found J.D., a little boy puppy.  Kylie pranced around the shelter with J.D. coaxing him to follow her and petting him and talking softly to him.  Kylie and J.D. were made for each other!
Leslie came to the shelter looking for a dog for herself and her daughter.  She took one look at Peppy and fell in love.“I want that sweet dog” she said! Leslie was even more smitten when she saw Peppy running around the shelter playing with a little terrier.  One thing she knows already is that Peppy does well with other dogs!
Carla and Ray wanted a companion for their 7 month old 70 lbs. German Shepherd puppy and when they saw Hoss, they wondered if he was the dog for them. The puppy was already a large dog and Hoss is clearly a very small dog! Carol took the time to let Hoss play with their puppy and they played great together!  After a week together, these 2 dogs LOVE each other!
Lauren is a student who takes online classes so is home a lot.  She has 2 cats but really, really wanted a dog to love also.  Zoey captured her heart.  The night after Lauren adopted Zoey, she wrote, “Zoey is fitting in just great! <3  She’s even made friends with the cat my mom adopted yesterday!”
Layla Layla
Amanda visited the KWAS shelter and adopted a little black kitten. After the adoption, Amanda sent us some pictures and wrote to us to say, “Just wanted to thank everyone that was working today. You all were super nice, and we love our little baby. She is doing awesome had a bath, took a nap, ate a few bites. We named her Layla!”
Yaressi and Yoshi Yoshi 
Yaressi adopted a female puppy lab mix from the Dane County Humane Society.  Prior to this, Yaressi and her friend Nicole, had contacted KWAS because they were interested in adopting a puppy at the shelter named Yolanda.  However, Yolanda was no longer available and Yaressi and Nicole were so disappointed.  After working with a volunteer at the shelter, they decided to channel their disappointment into rescuing another equally deserving puppy!  They went to the Dane County Humane Society and found beautiful Yoshi, a dog they will cherish and love forever!
Derrick, Gloria and their son John fell in love with Ginger and knew they could give her the home she deserved. They didn’t mind her tattered ears or skinny body. They liked her hound look, her attentiveness towards them and how much she enjoyed their company.
Joseph and Heather came to the KWAS website and saw the reports about the fire that burned the shelter to the ground in November. They were moved to try to help and knew the best way was to give a shelter dog a loving home. They came to our Petsmart mobile adoption to do just that.  They found calm, sweet Valerie there waiting for them and gave their hearts and home to her forever.
Dawson Adopted Dawson 
Anne and Dion adopted Dawson at our mobile adoption at Tractor Supply Store #1561 in Williamsburg, KY! There is no joy quite like adopting a beautiful dog and being able to say “I saved a life today.” Anne and Dion took this even a step further and gave KWAS a second donation fee to be used to help another family who wants to adopt but can’t fully pay the adoption fee. Thank you, Anne and Dion, the world needs more people like you.
Miss Honey
Miss Honey was brought in shortly after the fire.  She is now in her forever home.  Her new family says “She is now happily running around and playing with her new brother Cocoa. He is a senior male beagle that lost his sister in September. He has been lonely ever since.  Miss Honey is warming up to everyone!”
Trixie1 Trixie in Honor of Shelter Fire
Crystal, a Leslie County Kentucky resident, saw our fire disaster and wanted to help. So, she went to the Leslie County Animal Shelter and adopted Trixie! Crystal helped by giving a forgotten, unwanted, lonely animal a forever home. Crystal writes: “Something just laid heavily on my heart so I went to the shelter to find a dog to love. I found a dog had been kept longer than she should have so it must have been God’s way of saving her for our family. Tell everyone that Leslie County Animal Shelter or any shelter for that matter, has plenty of loving animals that need to be adopted!”
Rex w forever family Shelter Fire Survivor Rex Adopted
Rex’s forever family wrote to us to tell us how he’s doing.  “Rex is loving his new life and playmates after the fire. He’s amazing with the kids, our two cats, and our hyper one year old Lab/Pit mix. He’s a special baby and we were definitely meant to drive out to the shelter Saturday morning. He’s definitely come along way since that day. He was so skittish and scared. Now, he’s a happy lap dog, even though he’s as big as a horse! LOL!”
Angel w forever family cropped Shelter Fire Survivor Angel Adopted
Angel’s new family wrote to us to tell her how well she’s doing.  “Angel is home with her new family! We picked her up from the Lexington Humane Society last night and right now she is curled up on the couch next to me.”
Rosie in Forever Home Shelter Fire Survivor Rosie Adopted Corissa and Mitchell Dyer arrived at the shelter while it was on fire. “When we got there there really wasn’t much for us to do. The firefighters were there. We just tried to console the dogs and reach into their cages. Rosie was cold as ice in the cage, we opened the cage and she just kind of crawled in our arms and we went home that night and said we’ve got to have that dog.”

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