They Depend on Us, We Depend On You

The Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization. It is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization. Monetary donations and supplies given to the shelter are tax deductible. We take in an average of 500 owner surrendered and stray animals per month or over 6,000 animals per year. Each of the 6,000 animals need our help. They depend on us for food and shelter, a clean place to sleep, medical attention, vaccinations and spay or neutering. We care for these animals with a small staff of employees. We are also supported by a group of dedicated volunteers and foster families, whom we would not be able to do without.

Much of our funding to care for these 6,000 animals comes from private donations and grants. We also receive funding from the 4 counties we serve: Knox, Whitley, McCreary and Clay. We are responsible for assuming responsibility for animals picked up by the animal control organizations in those 4 counties. Given this very high number of abandoned animals, animal care, control and welfare is a major concern in our community. Stray cats and dogs affect us all. They roam our community in search of food, shelter and affection. They get in our trash and treat our yards as a restroom, thus spreading disease. By running at large, stray animals also pose a threat to adults and especially children in the form of dog and cat bites.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us care for the unwanted and abandoned animals in our community. We have many ways to donate, such as through an online account, a local bank, by dropping off supplies, or purchasing needed items from our Wish List. Or, please visit the drop down items on our “Donate” menu to determine what method works best for you.